Express shops

For wide network of express shops we have become one of the main suppliers of shop fittings. We have achieved the status of a reliable partner in this field thanks to our production facilities and wide range of fittings, from shelves to scanner rails, price cassettes and barkers.

We provide

Price cards, dividers and pushers, baskets, hooks of different sizes, slatwalls, rails and bars, magnets, service area accessories, counters, frames, standing frames, arms and hangers, shelves, stands, displays, mirrors, supergrips, plastic frames, suspension systems, mats, safety barriers, posts, stretchy belts, guards,shunters goods, stands for leaflets, stopper, spring outdoor stands, the Treasury stands, bike racks, shopping baskets, shopping baskets with wheels, displays, display cigarette racks, cigarette price lists with rotating numbers, rotating digital numbers etc.

Showcase of our products in Express shops sector