Excellent presentation of goods is the basic condition for success.


We try to develop this thought and offer our customers new ideas how to highlight their products as well as their services. Our effort to maximize the effect of our work is closely linked to good communication with our clients and understanding of their needs.

We provide

Price cards, dividers and pushers, baskets, hooks of different sizes, slatwalls, rails and bars, magnets, service area accessories, counters, frames, standing frames, arms and hangers, shelves, stands, displays, mirrors, supergrips, plastic frames, suspension systems, mats, safety barriers, posts, stretchy belts, guards,shunters goods, stands for leaflets, stopper, spring outdoor stands, the Treasury stands, bike racks, shopping baskets, shopping baskets with wheels, displays, display cigarette racks, cigarette price lists with rotating numbers, rotating digital numbers etc.

Showcase of our products in POS sector